Why Injector coding?

Coding an injector is a vital part of the health of an engine. Should you fail to do the coding (for example after there has been work done on the cylinder head) and the injectors have been removed and then replaced again, this can result in the vehicle not starting. 

By coding the injectors you ensure that the communication between each injector and the electronic control unit (ECU) is synchronized: meaning that the correct amount or fuel enters the combustion chamber to optimize your performance and fuel consumption. Some vehicles will start up though without being coded, but over- or under-fueling might persist, leaving you with poor performance and costing you more each trip you take.

A simple video explaining injector coding on a CAT engine

The principle is the same on commercial trucks and other diesel engines – programming the injectors or coding the injectors to the best optimal fuel injection rate will save you thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of Rands over the work life of your diesel engine.

At Franyo we specialize in injector coding and ensure you always save fuel.

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