par excellence:
/pɑːr ˈɛks(ə)l(ə)ns,French paʀ ɛksɛlɑ̃s/
better or more than all others of the same kind.
  1. “Francois Nel is, to many, the Regency Auto Electrician par excellence
    – Oxford Dictionary




Franyo Projects has been established in 2020 due to an investigation that was made doing cross references and feedback reviews of customers. The new normal in this evolving world has let the customers down in a sense of quantity was more important than quality.

We want to fill that gap in this challenging market by giving you a very reliable product, that will take you far beyond the warrantee limit by using our 26 years of understanding how the customer feels about downtime.

That said, every hour of downtime will cost someone money and that is exactly what we will be saving you.

By using only good quality OEM parts as far as possible, we can assure you product satisfaction every time.

So what exactly do we do? The question is rather what we don’t do. By making use of groundbreaking technology, we can do all of your advanced diagnostics on any vehicle equipped with an OBD 2 plug, thus clearing engine management, ABS, airbags and so much more.

We have a well-appointed workshop where your vehicles starter and alternators can be repaired by well trained technicians. Any wiring related problems in the DC market, no problem. We’ll take pride into making it better than factory standards.

Franyo has also joined forces with King Tony tools to give you the client the best in all departments not only where we do the work, but also in your own environment.

Hope you see a better future, just as we do. We will be pleased to partner up with your company soon.


The team

At Franyo, we are fascinated with Precision – “Doing it right the first time”. We only have one shot at it. This means we cannot afford to fail. A car stuck on the road somewhere in the middle of nowhere is one of the worst things that can happen in a life where time, money and lives matter. A car broken next to the road is a target. And we know it. That’s why we take time to prepare, plan and take care in our repairs – to make sure you will never get stuck again.

Francois Nel Franyo Auto Electrician

Francois Nel

Qualified Auto Electrician

Francois Qualified as an Auto Electrician in 1999. He has since then worked for some of the biggest establishments in SA, including 11 years at Imperial Fleet, and has unmatched skill and knowledge of auto electrical. Only his high values and ethics exceed his standard of excellence in his profession. Passionately in love with his work, you can be sure that he will get it done right the first time!

Movable plant auto electrical rewiring

The story behind our name: Franyo

Franyo was born through Prophetic Word and therefore from our Father in heaven, just like the wife He gave me. God put us together, thus our name combined made Franyo.